Our Vision & Mission

  • Vision
      - Be a sustainable professional project management company, having diversified income that aims to increase the wealth and standard of living of the community.

  • Mission
      - Focus on areas in the contract that develops core competency, while sub-contracting non-core work.
      - Seek diversification opportunities within and outside the core contract.
      - Actively seek opportunities for merging and supporting Local Community Contracting companies (LCC).
      - Efficiency and productivity to be the drivers of operations.
      - Exceeding client expectations through timely deliverables.
      - Adopt a non-compromising attitude towards HSE & Quality.
      - Create a culture that respects the individual and helps him/her grow.
      - Build capabilities of the local work force.

  • Strategy
      Al Haditha's transformation phase requires significant effort with the objective to achieve three big things:
      - Broaden the definition of a contracting company.
      - Devote all the necessary resources and new skill sets needed.
      - Shaping our business sustainability strategy for tomorrow.

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