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Code of Conduct

We at Al Haditha:-

  • Perform at all times in the legitimate interest of the client and provide all services with integrity and faithfulness.
  • Employees shall avoid Conflicts of Interest whenever possible. Keep the client informed of any potential conflict of interest that might arise in the performance of services to the client.
  • If a Conflict of Interest situation has occurred or if an employee faces a situation that may involve or lead to a Conflict of Interest, the employee shall disclose it to his or her Line Manager and/or the HR to resolve the situation in a fair and transparent manner.
  • Neither offer nor accept remuneration of any kind which in perception seeks to influence the process of selection or compensation of commercial decision making either with sub-contractor and/or companies clients.
  • Employees shall not compete with the Company. Nor take personal advantage of business opportunities that they discover during the course of their employment, unless the Company expressly waives its interest in pursuing such opportunity.
  • Company respects the personal self-esteem, privacy and personal rights of every employee and is committed to maintaining a workplace free from discrimination and harassment.
  • We value and protect our confidential information and we respect the confidential information of others.
  • Not to injure the reputation of business of others either intentionally or unintentionally.